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2022 Annual Report

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Letter from the CEO

We are living in a world where who tells the story matters. Global Press is leading the way.

Meeting the Moment

Dear Reader,

The world has changed profoundly in recent years. Among the many challenges, there are also bright spots. It has become crystal clear that audiences are demanding accurate, ethical and trustworthy journalism. People are insisting that the media become more diverse and more equitable. More and more, it’s becoming clear that journalism — high-quality journalism — can be an ingredient for social change. Amidst all of these changes, the Global Press model has shifted from niche to necessary.

As we close out our 16th year of operation, the vision and values that launched Global Press remain in sharp focus. Our commitment to training and employing local women journalists in some of the world's least-covered places showed tremendous returns in 2022 as readership grew, partnerships expanded and our journalism had tangible impact on the world.

Throughout 2022, our powerful team of reporters upended the rote and stereotypical narratives that have for too long defined their communities. Their commitment to dignified and precise coverage increased access to accurate information and helped people everywhere to better understand the world and their places in it. Our commitment to high-quality employment ensured that our reporters had the tools they needed to tell the stories the world most needed to hear, and the safety and security mechanisms in place to ensure they were safe and well in the process.

At Global Press, 2022 was a year of strategic growth. A 10-month strategic planning process brought about big changes, including an overhaul of our editorial staffing model and editorial leadership. We resumed global expansion after a two-year, pandemic-imposed hiatus. Our incredible trainers brought in new teams of journalists across rural Haiti and Nepal to help deepen and transform the narratives of those places. We launched a Spanish-language style guide. We won awards and we invested in our team. And we watched, in awe, as governments and citizens alike responded to our reporting.

In the coming years we will continue to give the world the exceptional journalism they're demanding from us. We will continue to expand, building new bureaus across nine additional countries. We will recruit and employ local women reporters to staff these bureaus, ensuring they represent the communities they will be covering. And we will strengthen our already robust Duty of Care program, which keeps our reporters all over the world physically, digitally, emotionally, and legally safe. 

This last point is especially vital. Record numbers of journalists today are facing physical threats and online harassment. Repressive governments are restricting access to information. In too many places, being a journalist is more dangerous than ever before. Our choice to employ local women journalists all over the world is never easy, but it’s always worth it. Our commitment to their safety is core to our ethos and our operations.

Today, as we look forward to the next few years, we recognize how fortunate we are. We are fortunate to have a terrific team of intrepid global reporters and editors who tell those stories that matter the most. We are fortunate to have experienced significant revenue growth, which we are using to invest in expansion, training, editorial, infrastructure, and security. And we are fortunate to have a bold team that strives every day to make their world a better place. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. And stick around. It’s only getting better.

Cristi Hegranes
Global Press CEO & Founder
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Our Journalism

Global Press told impactful, award-winning stories that changed lives.

Powerful Storytelling

In 2022, Global Press reporters told compelling stories on climate, health, labor, education, economy, and human rights from nearly 40 global communities.

Global Press journalism is ambitious. It’s impactful. And it reaches people in some of the world's most underserved communities.

One-of-a-Kind Coverage

Global Press reporters choose inspirational, world-changing stories to tell in their communities. And, because they have the context and the access to tell dignified and precise stories, the results are outstanding. Here's what makes our stories stand out:

Follow the story

Global Press reporters are local. They follow stories and hold power to account over time.


As Famine Looms, Sri Lankans Turn to Home Gardens

By Vetrichelvi Chandrakala


Rampant Violence Decimates Women's Health Care

By Noella Nyirabihogo


'I'd Rather Die Than Go Back'

By Marissa Revilla and Anne Myriam Bolivar

Work Together

When our reporters collaborate on cross-border investigations, the stories can have global implications.


Where Vasectomies Are Rare, Some Men Challenge Tradition

By Edna Namara and Evidence Chenjerai


Should an 8-Year-Old Be Allowed to Race a Horse?

By odonchimeg batsukh and
khorloo khukhnokhoi

Have an Impact

Our journalism gives people the tools to confront injustice and inequality, to make change that lasts.


The Toxic Toll of Gold

By Linda Mujuru


Currency Shortage Threatens DRC's Small Businesses

By Merveille Kavira Luneghe

Stay Relevant

Our non-assignment policy allows reporters to tell stories that other media misses to bring readers one-of-a-kind coverage of the topics they care about most.


Trans Citizens Fight for 'the Right to Exist'

By Marissa Revilla

Our Exceptional Team

In preparation for our bold, new strategic plan, Global Press transformed its editorial leadership in 2022. Here are some of the people leading our powerhouse global team:


Shanté Cosme

Shanté Cosme is an innovative media strategist with deep expertise in launching brands and building audiences. She has established herself as a bold advocate and leader in the field through her work at Mic and Complex, and has been a longtime advocate for diversity and inclusion in journalism. An adjunct professor at New York University, speaker, and author, Shanté brings her deep industry knowledge and connections to Global Press, as well as her innovative approach to journalism, in this exciting period of pivotal growth. 

"Global Press' commitment to disrupting global narratives and centering diverse perspectives sets a new standard for international journalism," says Shanté. "Working at a mission-driven nonprofit like Global Press allows me to have a singular focus on making an impact and producing exceptional journalism."

What Our Reporters Have to Say about 2022:

Throughout the year, our all-star reporters told powerful stories for local and international audiences.

Shilu Manandhar has been a Global Press reporter in Kathmandu, Nepal for 11 years.

"Impact for me is change and progress," Shilu says. "The impact of a story could be ... new policies and laws. There could also be impact when readers are informed leading to awareness and change."

Linda Mujuru has been a Global Press  reporter in Harare, Zimbabwe for six years.

"As a Global Press reporter, I do not look at issues in isolation. I look at them as a whole and over a long period of time. I write a story today, I do not forget about it. I follow it up because these are lived experiences of people in my country."

Khorloo Khukhnokhoi has been a Global Press reporter in Orkhon, a northern province of Mongolia for three years.

"I choose a story to write after verifying that the topic is crucial to be addressed right now as it deals with people's rights and interests. Stories written this way can achieve results in the end." 

Merveille Kavira Luneghe has been a Global Press reporter in Kirumba, Democratic Republic of Congo for eight years.
Following a story she wrote on a local music shop, "the impact in the community was positive and continues to be. The authorities are now being called upon again and being urged to restore peace." 

Marissa Revilla has been a Global Press reporter in in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico for 16 years.

"Working at Global Press, a diverse and inclusive organization, is both a privilege and a very enriching experience."

Lucila Pellettieri has been a Global Press reporter in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 11 years.

"As a reporter for Global Press, I have the freedom and the resources to tell ... stories that ... are left on the sidelines. I feel it's my responsibility to pick them up."

Anne Myriam Bolivar has been a Global Press reporter based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for six years.

While reporting in Haiti, Anne Myriam has faced numerous obstacles and security threats. Still, she says, she persists. "I am connected to my community." 

Prudence Phiri has been a Global Press reporter in Lusaka, Zambia for nine years.

Pru says the best part of Global Press’ Duty of Care program is the provision of wellness counselors. “Mental health,” she says, is central to productivity of employees."


Terry Aguayo

Terry Aguayo has been at Global Press since 2016. She has been a translator, fact checker and, most recently, our Standards Editor. She is a bilingual journalist and translator with more than 25 years of experience. She manages the Global Press Accuracy Network, our team of fact checkers, translators, interpreters, and research editors, and led the creation of the Guía de estilo, a style guide for Spanish-language publications.

Prior to joining Global Press, Terry managed the Miami bureau of The New York Times, where she helped cover stories of national significance, and worked at the Associated Press bureau in Miami.

"At Global Press, we are guided by our unwavering commitment to accuracy, precision, and dignity," Terry says. "I am proud to lead an incredible team of accuracy professionals who follow a rigorous editorial process to ensure our stories increase access to accurate, precise and dignified information about the communities we cover."

Championing Dignity & Precision

Global Press journalism offers dignity to its sources and precision to its readers. The Global Press Style Guide is now used by other newsrooms and universities around the world. In 2022, Global Press unveiled the Guía de estilo, a first-of-its-kind Spanish-language style guide. Like its English-language counterpart, the Guía offers rules and rationales that encourage writers to deepen their commitment to dignified global storytelling.

guerra civil

Regla: No escriba con mayúscula inicial el término “guerra civil” cuando aparece solo. Al referirse a una guerra civil en particular, use y escriba con mayúscula inicial el nombre completo si el nombre completo es reconocido comúnmente a nivel local, e identifique el país, las partes involucradas y los años en los que ocurrió la guerra.

Justificación: Las referencias precisas a los conflictos y las guerras civiles garantizan la claridad para quien lee.

Ver también: referencias historicas

Temas relacionados:
Derechos humanosConflicto


Regla: No use la palabra “víctima” para describir a una persona. Mejor utilice descripciones y contextos específicos para referirse a acciones o situaciones.

Justificación: Esta palabra es una etiqueta general que carece de precisión y obliga a quienes leen a hacer suposiciones. El uso de descripciones específicas prioriza la dignidad de la fuente.

Ver también: esclavitud moderna, sobreviviente

Awards & Honors

In 2022, Global Press was honored with 11 awards for our journalism and our game-changing mission and model. Here are some of them:

ONA Community

Online Journalism Awards

Awarded to Training Manager Manori Wijesekera for her extraordinary impact on the field of journalism

Women's Solutions Reporting Award

One World Media

Awarded to Global Press reporters for their reporting on women's rights in the pandemic

World Changing

Fast Company magazine

Awarded in the enduring impact category for Global Press' Duty of Care program

What’s Next

In our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, Global Press laid out ambitious editorial objectives to ensure our stories are more impactful than ever.

We will strengthen our editorial systems and prioritize proximate leadership and a culture of learning in our newsroom.

We will tell our stories in new and innovative ways, including multimedia packages, audio, video and global reports.

We will create topical verticals to explore key global topics, including climate and labor.

We will publish a French-language style guide.

We will reimagine the digital presence and branding for Global Press.

We will continue to invest in our Duty of Care program, to ensure our team is safe and healthy.

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Our Impact

At Global Press, we demonstrate that changing the storyteller changes the story — and that changes the world.

Making a Difference

Accurate, exceptional journalism changes the world.

Global Press reporters, editors, fact checkers, translators, researchers and copy editors work together to produce high-quality journalism. Their work equips people with the information they need to confront inequity and injustice.

Ending Virginity Testing

In Mongolia, one Global Press reporter’s dogged investigation led to change for teenage girls.

Khorloo Khukhnokhoi, Global Press Mongolia


Global Press Mongolia reporter Khorloo Khukhnokhoi identified this story as one that would matter a great deal to her community. Virginity testing, she says, had been an issue in Mongolia for a long time. People knew about it but didn’t dare talk about it. So she thought it was important to address.

“When researching and writing this story, I faced many obstacles," she says. "Since it was a very complicated issue, writing about it required me to be very sensitive. ... [But] the effort paid off. Once the second article was published, the government paid special attention to the issue, banned virginity tests at schools, and began actively working to monitor the issue. Official sources report that there have been no cases of virginity tests at schools without consent since."

Investigating the Use of Mercury

In Zimbabwe, a Global Press reporter discovered that gold miners were using mercury to mine gold despite its toxic consequences.

Linda Mujuru, Global Press Zimbabwe


Global Press is committed to building a more informed and inclusive world. Our reporters live in the communities they cover, which, as Global Press Zimbabwe reporter Linda Mujuru says, helped her tell the story.

“One of the greatest advantages I had as a local reporter was having access and the advantage of understanding the cultural and social dynamics of the sector and the community,” she says. “This allowed me to take a deeper dive into the issue.” 

“I love meeting people in different communities and learning about how people survive," Linda says. "I love my job. I love what I do. Every day is different so meeting different communities during my reporting is exciting. I am inspired by people’s stories and lived experiences.”

Tracking Impact

Measuring and monitoring how our stories change the world is an important part of our work. To take impact tracking to the next level, we brought in someone who truly understands the power of local journalism.


Fortune Moyo

Fortune Moyo is Global Press’ first Impact Analyst. Prior to this role, she was a Global Press Zimbabwe reporter for six years, specializing in reporting the impact of the country's economy on education.

"I am very excited to be working as Global Press' first Impact Analyst," Fortune says. "By collecting impact cases from reporters all over the world, I hope to show the world the immense impact that Global Press stories have globally and in the different communities we serve."

Fortune, who is based in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, will measure, monitor and collect impact data from our reporters all over the world, helping to develop metrics for how Global Press journalism is being used to build a better world.

A Source for Change

Global Press stories are frequently cited by some of the largest institutions in the world.

World Health Organization


Global Press' 2019 package of stories on reproductive rights was listed as one of the WHO's resources on sexual health

Swiss Refugee Council

Democratic Republic of Congo

Global Press' 2021 story on armed conflict-induced mental illness was cited multiple times in this 2022 report 

Foundation for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Global Press' 2020 story on the pandemic-induced devastation to tourism was cited in a U.S.-funded report on recovery efforts

Forest Governance


Our 2020 story on Batwa people fighting for access to their land was cited in an initiative geared toward halting deforestation.

U.S. Department of Labor


Our 2017 story on Nepal's ineffective anti-child labor laws was cited in a 2022 update of a 2005 Trafficking Victims Protection Act



Our 2020 story on women seeking illegal abortions was cited in an article in the February 2022 edition of the science journal

What’s Next

Across the organization, we constantly ask ourselves: Do we matter enough? So in our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, we identified key goals to accomplish to ensure we are contributing to a more informed and inclusive world.

We will prioritize capturing the impact that our reporters’ stories have on their communities.

We will focus on capturing the global change that arises from our journalism.

We will publish behind-the-scenes interviews with our reporters so you, our readers, can learn more about how our stories come to be.

We will elevate our audience tracking and reporting mechanisms to ensure we’re reaching the hardest-to-reach people in the world.

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Our Expansion

By opening new bureaus all over the world, Global Press improves local access to accurate, consequential and impactful reporting.

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Our Expansion

By opening new bureaus all over the world, Global Press improves local access to accurate, consequential and impactful reporting.

Building New Bureaus

During the pandemic-imposed hiatus, Global Press invested in our organization and studied market changes. In 2022, we were ready to resume expansion. 

In 2021, we built GPI Online, a virtual learning platform, in six languages. Designed to offer ongoing professional development to our reporters during the pandemic, we invested in the platform again in 2022. This time, to bring in new journalists in two challenging locations.

Our Bureaus

The location of our news bureaus is one of the most important factors that contributes to our success. We look for places where people lack access to accurate information and existing media systems aren’t addressing the challenge.





Ciudad de México










Les Cayes


Puerto Rico


San Juan


Buenos Aires








Democratic Republic
of Congo









Sri Lanka
















Resuming Global Expansion

After more than two years, we returned to global expansion in 2022. We launched bureaus across Haiti, a place long relegated to news coverage driven by chaos and disaster, and Nepal, where we were forced to shut down training in March 2020.

A screenshot from a copy editing training workshop for our reporters-in-training in Nepal.

A screenshot from a photojournalism training session for our reporters-in-training in Haiti.

Investing in Exceptional Storytelling

We launched GPI Online, a sophisticated training platform that provides courses in six languages to serve all of our reporters. 

Meet our Training Manager

Manori Wijesekera

Manori Wijesekera, training manager of Global Press Institute, the training arm of Global Press, was the driving force behind GPI Online. Manori, who oversees the professional development of all of our women reporters around the world, has created hundreds of learning materials, propelling Global Press reporters to become reporters of record from their communities. 

Since Manori first joined Global Press in 2009 as a reporter in its Sri Lanka bureau, she has been an integral part of our transformation from a small startup to a world-class news organization. Today, as a journalist, educator and journalist-security advocate, Manori significantly advances ethical, exceptional reporting from the world’s least-covered places. 

In 2022, the Online News Association honored Manori with its Community Award for her outsized contributions to and extraordinary impact on the field of journalism.

"I love introducing reporters-in-training to our model of ethical, accurate journalism," Manori says. "They in turn introduce us to their incredible communities through the powerful stories and photos they begin working on from the very first week of training." 

"It’s such a joy to work alongside them as they start reporting on the stories they’ve been so longing to tell the world!"

What’s Next

Over the next three years, led by Sam Nesfield, Director of Global Expansion, Global Press will open new bureaus — and refresh existing ones — across the world. 

We will open news bureaus in nine new countries.

We will recruit new reporters in current Global Press bureaus to ensure our team is representative.

We will open new bureaus in Puerto Rico and Côte d’Ivoire in 2023.

We will continue to invest in GPI Online with additional language capacities and course options.

We will offer virtual Duty of Care training to support our reporters with on-demand training opportunities.

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Our Audience

Global Press built powerful global partnerships to maximize the reach and engagement of our stories.

Serving Readers

The UN has called the pandemic a “media extinction event” after the industry saw more than $30 billion in losses. These losses were primarily felt in remote and rural parts of the world.

Our unique distribution strategy prioritizes both people in our coverage countries who are in need of greater access to information and international audiences who are hungry for more dignified and precise stories about the world. We support local and international media outlets with free access to our powerful stories in six languages to maximize the reach and impact of our work.

Global Press measures audience reach and engagement across direct, social and partnership channels.

Direct Reach

In 2022, Global Press Journal directly engaged more than 500,000 people across nearly every country on earth. This map represents the depth of our direct readership across the world.

Local Partners

We prioritize reaching local audiences in the communities where our reporters work. The opportunity to serve and be accountable to our local audiences by serving them news in their local languages sets Global Press apart.

In 2022, we added local partners across the world, including Uganda’s PML Daily and Nile Post, Mexico’s Animal Politico and Sin Embargo, and The Zimbabwean.

Diaspora Partners

Global Press serves migrant, refugee and other Diaspora audiences who value receiving high-quality news from their home regions. To best serve these important and often underserved audiences, Global Press partners with news outlets with a targeted reach in these communities.

In 2022, we added partners that directly serve the Diaspora, including African Arguments, AllAfrica, the Texas Observer, El Paso Matters, and Haïti Liberté.

International Broadcast Partners

When Global Press reporters appear on U.S. and European television and radio programs it offers viewers the opportunity to hear directly from local reporters. Hearing behind-the-scenes stories can enrich their understanding and can disrupt stereotypical perspectives of the people and places we cover.

In 2022, we built powerful international broadcast partnerships, including PBS Newshour, BBC, and National Public Radio.

By the Numbers

Global Press partners with dozens of online and offline local and international organizations, ranging from a local radio station in Zimbabwe to the BBC.  We collect robust analytics about our online audiences and partners. In 2023, we'll debut a new set of metrics to showcase our offline partnerships.

Online Audience Reach and Engagement 2022

Global Press uses GA4, Sprout Social and analytics reports from partners to measure the reach and engagement of our online audiences. Global Press transparently publishes all audience data quarterly on GlobalPress.co.

Our Direct Engagement


The total number of users who engaged with our stories on Global Press Journal in 2022.

Our Social Media Reach


The number of people who saw  content on our social media pages.

Social Media Engagement


The number of likes, shares, link clicks and other engagements on social media posts on Global Press-owned pages. (Does not include social media engagements on partner accounts.)

Our Partners' Reach


The total number of all online partners' average monthly page views. (Does not account for broadcast partnerships.)

Our Estimated Engagements via Partnerships


Using a conservative .1% estimate, the number of readers who likely engaged with Global Press stories on partner sites.

Data via GA-4, Sprout Social and partner publications.

Meeting Audiences Where They Are

In order to serve local audiences, we can't rely on online partnerships alone. We invest in offline partnerships with news outlets that can reach target audiences in underserved, underrepresented, and hard-to-reach areas. Offline partnerships play a pivotal role in our ability to increase access to information for people who need it most. 


Rural communities often rely on radio as their sole source of information. Local radio partnerships are a key component of Global Press' audience strategy. 


Print newspapers offered in local languages are important partners for Global Press. By working together, we can reach communities that often lack access to accurate information. 


Educational partnerships are vital to Global Press' audience strategy. We partner with organizations that reprint our stories in textbooks and classroom materials to bring our stories to students.


Laxmi Parthasarathy

Laxmi Parthasarathy, Global Press’ Chief Operating Officer since 2018, leads all of the organization’s global operations including overseeing the launch of new bureaus and the continued expansion of Global Press Institute. Laxmi also leads local audience efforts to ensure that Global Press journalism reaches some of the hardest-to-reach people on the planet. 

Laxmi is a powerful leader, speaker and writer. An author of numerous industry-changing articles on Duty of Care and representation in the Stanford Social Innovation Review and Harvard’s Nieman Lab, Laxmi also authored a chapter in the acclaimed book “Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans” (2021). Since 2020, she has also demonstrated proof of concept for Global Press News Services, which creates a strong earned revenue stream for Global Press. Laxmi is a leader and an innovator who constantly moves Global Press forward. Now, she’s leading local audience development efforts to rebuild local media partnerships in places where media was decimated by the pandemic. 

"Global Press is the home of powerful, systems-changing innovations for international journalism," Laxmi says. "Our team sets an example for media development practitioners around the world."

What’s Next

Over the next three years, Global Press will build cross-functional audience teams to ensure we increase access to accurate information, disrupt global narratives, and facilitate opportunities for social change. 

We will create local audience development teams in each Global Press coverage community to design reach and engagement strategies for our target readers.

We will hire an expert to lead strategic research and audience development.

We will continue to build bold partnerships to reach international audiences.

We will continue to transparently publish our audience data quarterly, alongside impact reports and reader testimonials.

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Our Challenges

Local reporters who live in the communities they cover face unique challenges. They require a robust security system to keep them safe.

Navigating a Challenging World

Global Press’s industry’s leading Duty of Care program helps us ensure the safety of our women reporters across the world. It prioritizes their physical, emotional, digital, and legal security.

Duty of Care is not a synonym for security. It does not imply a one-time training or a passive pledge. Duty of Care is central to Global Press’ ethos and operations and it is the most important work that we do.

The Challenges We Face 

Being a journalist has never been more difficult. Here are the top three challenges that Global Press is confronting: 

Threats to Free Flow of News

Among the greatest challenges to press freedom and the free exchange of news is a rise in authoritarianism, fake news, and mis- and disinformation. Around the world, authoritarian regimes have become more adept at censoring and silencing their journalists using an array of tools. 

Global Press confronts these challenges by continually investing in our Duty of Care program. We have built a robust system of policies and protocols designed to ensure that we always prioritize our reporters’ safety, from training them in digital security to monitoring the legal trends in their communities.

Technology Shortages

Global Press provides technology packages to our local reporters to ensure they have the tools they need to carry out their work. However, technology shortages and delivery delays during the pandemic hampered our ability to get reporters new tools.

Global Press is investigating new ways to deliver tech to our reporters globally, including by exploring new tech and distribution partnerships.

Online Harassment & Mental Health

According to the International Women’s Media Foundation, at least 70% of women journalists have faced online harassment. It's now a top driver of women leaving the field.

Global Press offers a robust array of mental health and wellness services to ensure our unique global team can stay safe and well. The Global Press Wellness Network provides our reporters with free and unlimited counseling sessions in their own language. At the end of 2022, 100% of our reporters renewed their contracts to continue their Global Press careers. They say that our commitment to Duty of Care is a top reason that they stay.

Prioritizing Wellness

At Global Press, we prioritize the mental and emotional health of all of our team members. We offer global team members mental health and wellness support via insurance programs and a new partnership with Talkspace, an online and mobile therapy company.

Of course, mental health services are not universally available around the world. And English-dominant, app-based platforms don’t work for everyone. That’s why we built the Global Press Wellness Network, a team of counselors from all over the world whom we pay to provide our reporters with free, unlimited and confidential sessions in their languages. In recent years, nearly 90% of our global team say they have used the services.


Meagan Demitz, MSW, joined Global Press in 2021 as the Wellness Network Manager. A clinical social worker with deep experience serving diverse populations across Africa and Latin America, Meagan oversees the Global Press Wellness Network to ensure that reporters have the support they need to thrive. In 2022, Meagan continued to grow the Wellness Network, bringing on 17 counselors to serve reporters in seven languages. She also debuted quarterly psychoeducation workshops to ensure our team has the resilience and wellness tools they need. 

"To me, the Wellness Network is the manifestation of the core values of Global Press," Meagan says. "I feel honored every day to work in an organization that ensures that every team member and every reporter, in every bureau, has equitable access to high-quality wellness services and care." 

Honoring Duty of Care

Our industry-leading Duty of Care program continues to be recognized across the world.

2022: World Changing Ideas

Fast Company magazine

Fast Company magazine honored Global Press' Duty of Care program with its World Changing Ideas award, in the enduring impact category

2021: "Remote Resilience"

International SOS Foundation

The International SOS Foundation honored Duty of Care in its Remote Resilience category for protecting reporters' health, safety, security and wellbeing

2020: Chester M. Pierce Human Rights Prize

American Psychiatric Association

The APA honored our Duty of Care program for its “extraordinary efforts to prioritize the mental health of journalists around the world

What’s Next

Global Press will continue to improve on our Duty of Care offerings to our staff. 

We will continue to add mental health and wellness resources for our team.

We will debut new Duty of Care courses in our virtual training platform.

We will hire a Risk Analyst to monitor global press freedom changes and risk mitigation strategies.

We will elevate our legal representation in coverage countries to ensure reporters have the support they need.

We will continue to measure the effectiveness of Duty of Care options on reporter well-being, retention, and productivity.

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Our Future

Global Press bolstered our staff and strengthened our organization. The next three years will be the most consequential and meaningful in our history.

Investing in Global Press

Today, as Global Press begins to implement its 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, we are on the cusp of substantial growth and impact.

Global Press grew significantly in 2022. Thanks to powerful investments from mission-aligned partners, Global Press is prepared to meet the moment.

Our Board

The Global Press Board of Directors is made up of journalists and business leaders who provide high-level governance and guidance to the organization. 

Umbreen Bhatti

Director, Athena Center for Leadership at Barnard College

Stephen Buckley

Eugene C. Patterson Professor of the Practice and Public Policy Studies at Duke University

Houda Elyazgi

Vice President at Saxum

Cristi Hegranes

Founder and CEO of Global Press, Publisher of Global Press Journal

Leslie Hill

Nomzamo Majuqwana

Director at Work & Co

Benjamin McKee

Vice President of Finance, Atlantic Media, Global Press Board Treasurer

Dr. Geetha Murali

CEO, Room to Read

Michelle Swenson

Global Press Board Chair

Ray Baker

Ray is a senior executive in the technology sector and has more than 20 years of experience in consulting, operations and digital transformation. He spent 12 years at IBM, running their Business Process Outsourcing business for Europe.

Ray is a trusted adviser to many C-Level and senior leaders of large multinational companies. Having successfully championed the design and implementation of large global shared service operations throughout his career, Ray brings significant experience in operational excellence and technology. He also has tremendous global experience, having lived and worked in more than 15 countries across Asia Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. He lives with his wife Patricie and 2 dogs in Brighton, UK.

Leslie Hill

Leslie has a background in aviation and journalism. She was a captain with American Airlines and was involved with their in-house union, the Allied Pilots Association.

Leslie served on the board of directors for Dow Jones and Company, Inc. and on the corporate governance committee. She has been a board member of the Freedom Forum, the Newseum Board and the Newseum Education Board, and served as chair, vice-chair and chair of the corporate governance committees for the News Literacy Project board. Leslie has been a member of several nonprofit advisory boards and was an election judge in Montgomery County, Maryland. She also served on her town's long range planning committee.

In 2022, longtime board member Linda Shostak completed her board service.
We are so grateful for her time and wisdom.

Reaching Our Donors

We invested in our development team, bringing in Shazdeh Omari, our first Director of Development. In partnership with our CEO and Founder, Shazdeh helped propel Global Press to record growth in 2022.

Broadening our donor base

In 2022 Global Press received bold contributions from institutional and individual donors.

  • Launched a monthly newsletter that keeps our supporters updated on our work
  • Hired an impact analyst to document impact cases from our reporters
  • Conducted campaigns throughout the year to attract new supporters

We are grateful for the support of our generous donors.

$250,000 and above

Emerson Collective

Emily Kaiser and Gene Bulmash

Fondation CHANEL

Ford Foundation

Kaphan Foundation


MacArthur Foundation


Open Square Foundation

Yellow Chair Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999

Channel Foundation

Humanity United

Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden


Tingari-Silverton Foundation

Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

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In 2022, Global Press focused our efforts on elevating our brand and raising awareness of our mission.

  • Joined networks of journalism partners, like ACOS Alliance, International Press Institute and Coalition Against Online Violence
  • Maximized our participation in the Emerson Collective Dial Fellowship
  • Invested in thought leadership around our values-driven model

Investing in Development

Meet our director of DEVELOPMENT

Shazdeh Omari

As Global Press’ Director of Development, Shazdeh Omari oversees all fundraising efforts for the organization in coordination with the CEO. Prior to joining Global Press, Shazdeh served as the deputy director of development at the Committee to Protect Journalists, a press freedom organization where she spent more than a decade, the first few as a news editor. She was also an editor for Women Under Siege, a journalism project by the Women’s Media Center, where she recruited journalists to report on sexualized violence as a tool of war and edited their stories. She served as the copy chief at The Village Voice and worked as a copy editor at Travel + Leisure magazine.

Shazdeh got her master’s in English-TESOL and a dual bachelor’s in journalism and sociology at universities in Connecticut. In 2022, she was named to the Emerging Leaders Council by the Institute for Nonprofit News. Shazdeh was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She now lives in New York City with her husband and young daughter, the loves of her life.

"I am so thrilled to be part of an organization like Global Press, which truly helps to make a difference in this world," Shazdeh says.

Building a Sustainable Future

 Global Press News Services (GPNS) is the B2B division of Global Press that provides products and services to organizations seeking to safeguard their international workforces and integrate dignity, representation, and precision into their operations. In 2022, GPNS was honored with a Gold Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service for its "Duty of Care Roadmap" service offered to news organizations across the world. 

GPNS services include:

An interactive workshop on using dignified, precise language. Here, participants learn how to investigate and interpret meanings of commonly used organizational vocabulary and create a plan to implement dignified and precise word usage instead. The workshop is followed by six months of language equity support.

A customized plan for Duty of Care services. Global Press offers services to organizations on how to fit Duty of Care into their growth and expansion and a step-by-step guide on how to implement it. This is followed by six months of coaching and workshop support for newsroom and organization teams. 

A one-of-a-kind photo archive. Global Press has upward of 200,000 original, high-resolution photos taken by our reporters all over the world. These images showcase the unique access Global Press reporters have to diverse people and places. We provide curated services and other special options to our clients. 

Meet our GPNS Managing Director

Celia Wu

Managing Director Celia Wu is a sustainable journalism expert who brings more than 30 years of experience in media production, revenue operations and journalism to Global Press News Services. She will work to expand global access to the company’s B2B products and services.

Before joining GPNS, Celia worked with major media and business corporations including MSNBC.com, MSN Asia (Microsoft), Vice Media, and Turner Entertainment. Her comprehensive background in creating, developing, and disseminating news complements the wide range of products that GPNS offers, including resources addressing language equity and an impressive photo collection focused on source dignity from Global Press’s network of professional reporters. 

"Being part of a mission-driven, values-based organization such as Global Press is an honor of a lifetime," Celia says. "I am so thrilled to be part of this team."

The Year Ahead

See what we have planned for 2023!



We will continue to grow our staff, filling our team with fierce professionals who unapologetically serve our mission.



We will build new bureaus in nine countries in the next three years and continue to refresh existing bureaus.
Next up: Puerto Rico!



We will continue to serve our priority audiences, who are some of the most underrepresented and hardest-to-reach people on earth. 

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Charting a New Course

Global Press CEO and Founder Cristi Hegranes will publish her first book in 2023. Byline showcases how a commitment to local journalists can help rebuild trust in the entire industry. Stay tuned for more information about the launch in September 2023!

What are people saying about Byline?

Byline is many things, prescient, erudite and timely but it is especially an affirmation of the value of journalism when it is done well. 

— Khadija Patel, International Fund for Public Interest Media

Cristi Hegranes's "Byline" upends the idea of foreign reporting as historically practiced, and thoughtfully offers better, accurate ways forward. Her oft-amusing examples of "parachute journalism" are eye-opening, expose dangers and limitations of mainstream media, and inspire all of us to do better. Where this book most shines is in proffering solutions, such as how communities can tell their own stories or how audience feedback can be revolutionary. There's nothing parochial about Hegranes's vision for local news; indeed, it's an essential guide to committing and consuming journalism in the new world order.

— S. Mitra Kalita, URL Media

Byline is an essential book for anyone who cares about international journalism. Drawing on 17 years' experience building and running one of the most transformative models for journalism to be found anywhere in the world, Hegranes is uniquely positioned to explain what’s wrong with the current system and, most importantly, how it can genuinely be improved.

— David Bornstein, Solutions Journalism Network