Since 2006, Global Press has prioritized local audiences in our coverage communities. In 2023, we built a new team of local audience liaisons to deepen local partnerships in each of our coverage communities. Together, they built dozens of new partnerships across radio, television, print and online publications.

Local audience liaisons build custom distribution strategies for each and every story we produce. They find unique and powerful ways to reach target audiences, no matter where they are.

The Global Press Strategic Plan centers on our local/global audience development strategy, which ensures each and every story reaches targeted audiences both in our local markets and around the world. The strategy blends large-scale partners, like nationwide newspapers and international online media outlets, alongside rural local radio and niche print publications to both maximize audience exposure to our stories and deliver them directly to the people who need them most.

How does story distribution work? 

Global Press stories are designed to serve both local and international audiences. We work hard to meet target audiences where they are, while also leveraging our high-quality stories to advance global narrative change.

Maximizing Exposure

Our audience team builds partnerships with large-scale local, national and international publications, to ensure wide exposure to Global Press stories.

Targeting Reach

Our audience team considers who needs the story most and builds a custom, per-story strategy to deliver stories directly to people where they already consume news.

Tracking Impact

Once a story has been distributed to its intended audiences, our Impact Analyst follows the story to track its impact over time.

How do we know our strategy is working? 

Global Press covers stories that few other outlets can. With inclusion as the cornerstone of our mission and vision for the future of journalism, it is essential that we do everything in our power to serve our local audiences. A robust and transparent partnership database tracks each and every story placement. Then, our new impact framework follows stories over time to study the many ways that our journalism makes a tangible difference in the communities we cover and beyond.

In 2023, we asked a leading audience expert to review our audience strategy and metrics. Here's what he had to say:

“Global Press is uniquely qualified to deliver greater access of fact-based information to local and international audiences. With a dedication to the highest journalistic standards of integrity, Global Press has shown a commitment to defining the value of audiences with established metrics of accountability and transparency. With stories available across multiple platforms, consistent metrics of audience exposure, reach and engagement are defining the significance of Global Press content for diverse global audiences.”

— Jeff Boehme, executive audience analyst, Former Chief Research Officer at Kantar Media, SVP at Comscore and Nielsen


In 2023, we built a team of local audience liaisons to build and maintain local media partnerships in each Global Press coverage country. Together, they grew partnerships by 430%.

Audience liaisons are local reporters with a deep understanding of their local media markets.

Their knowledge of their local markets allow them to build a vast array of cross-platform partnerships. From radio to television to textbooks, these passionate audience professionals transformed the scope of our reach. Scroll over each to learn about their favorite partnerships from 2023:


Anne Myriam Bolivar

My favorite partnership:

"I wanted to reach an audience interested in climate and environmental issues in Haiti, so I built a partnership with Haiti Climat to feature a story on flooding in Port-de-Paix. The goal was to raise awareness of the consequences of flooding in the region and to promote a deeper understanding of the relationship between climate change and weather events."
Anne Myriam Bolivar


Noella Nyirabihogo

My favorite partnership:

“As one of the most listened-to radio stations in the country, Mishappi Voice is often followed by authorities who have the capacity to improve freedom for journalists in the DRC. I built a partnership with them and we were able to raise yet another subject that is often ignored.  Local journalists felt that they were not forgotten.” — Noella Nyirabihogo


Nakisanze Segawa

My favorite partnership:

“The Independent is an online magazine that is widely read by people both in public and private sector. And it's popular in some refugee camps where accessing print media can be a challenge.” —Nakisanze Segawa


Linda Mujuru

My favorite partnership:

“I placed a story about the lack of health insurance for civil servants with Heart and Soul FM because it has a huge following on YouTube and the host  commands a huge following on Twitter. The show's following also includes policy makers. My goal with this placement was to harness this following to reach those who are mostly affected by this issue.” — Linda Mujuru


Odonchimeg Batsukh

My favorite partnership:

"Our collaboration with started in May 2023. It's one of Mongolia's largest online news sites with a daily reach of more than 400,000 people. The most important placement I made was about 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in October 2023. The goal was to reach everyone from human rights defenders to water distributors, storekeepers, and neighbors to give information about how to detect and report domestic violence."
Odonchimeg Batsukh


Shilu Manandhar

My favorite partnership:

“I chose our partner Halokhabar for a very important story about cattle dying from grazing on a specific kind of weed.  Most of Halokhabar's readers are farmers and entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector. It was important to reach that sector so people could be aware and take the necessary precautions to save their cattle and their livelihoods.” — Shilu Manandhar


Marissa Revilla

My favorite partnership:

"I was so happy to place the story about orchids and migration in Animal Politico because they have an extraordinary audience reach, especially on social media. We worked together to create a custom comic for Instagram to bring this important issue of imminent migration to their millions of followers.” — Marissa Revilla

Puerto Rico

Coraly Cruz Mejías

My favorite partnership

“I created a long-term partnership with El Vocero so that our stories could reach a majority of Puerto Ricans, specifically those who do not access the news online. El Vocero has one of the largest print ciculations of any newspaper in Puerto Rico, and its distribution is free.” — Coraly Cruz Mejías


This unique audience team was tasked with growing our presence in some of the world’s most-challenging media environments.  
They succeeded.

In 2023, our audience team built more than 100 media partnerships, growing our total partnership network by more than 430%.

Partnership Growth by the Numbers

The kinds of partnerships our team built, highlight the audiences we are prioritizing. Click on each number to learn more.

We know that the reach and impact of online news is limited in many global communities. From rural communities in the heart of DRC’s conflict zones to remote Haitian towns in need of greater access to information our, eighteen new local radio partnerships allowed us to serve some of the hardest-to-reach people on earth.

Featured Partners

Adding more than a dozen new print partnerships to our roster grew our reach to large-scale national audiences, thanks to partnerships with major newspapers from Zimbabwe to Puerto Rico. Greater local print distribution also enabled us to reach niche audiences from wildlife enthusiasts to policy analysts.

Featured Partners

Forty-eight new online partnerships catapulted our stories in front of ever-larger audiences. From, Mongolia’s largest online news site to Animal Politico, one of Mexico’s largest political publications.

Featured Partners

Television is a newer avenue for Global Press. In 2023, three partnerships showcased the powerful potential of the medium to seed impact in our communities. In Zimbabwe, one television segment quickly sparked action from local teachers.

Featured Partners

Direct traffic to Global Press Journal grew by 12.5%.

Direct Audience Growth by the Numbers

Unique traffic to continued to grow in 2023, especially in our coverage countries.

visitor growth in Sri Lanka
visitor growth in Mexico
visitor growth in Uganda
visitor growth in Argentina

global press matters in my country because

“As an international media platform, Global Press alerts governments to their international commitments. In Nepal's case, the government has signed seven of the nine major conventions issued by the United Nations. Similarly, Nepal is a signatory to 39 human rights treaties. Global Press' news and feature stories have aided in putting that commitment into action.”

Meg Raj Shankhar, Government Section Officer, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“Our news organization has been operating for 16 years. We reach 450,000-870,000 readers per day on weekdays. We initially heard about Global Press when they were informing us about training local reporters to work in their Mongolia desk; since then I have witnessed their research on pressing issues in local areas and a wide range of reports on those issues. The articles are not only substantial, research-informed, and fact-checked, but also highlight pressing issues and achievements of local lives we hardly can reach. Partnering with Global Press helps us meet our goals of delivering credible, source-oriented, and creative content to our readers.“

R. Adiyasuren, Chief editor and manager,, Mongolia

global press matters in my country because

"I was moved by Global Press' ability to bring local events to an international level. The fact that I shared these articles with my audience in Kirumba village and received various positive reactions is proof that Global Press is doing a very positive job, changing the narrative of stories not told by other media that mainly focus on politics and insecurity.”

Ramazani Ghislain, News Director, Kirumba Radio, Democratic Republic of Congo

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press Journal stories are rich with detail, well researched, presented with context and cover some of the least-covered communities in Uganda which makes them stand out.”

Giles Muhame, founder and managing editor, Chimp Reports, Uganda

global press matters in my country because

“The depth of the subject matter, and how the subject is presented in a way that arouses human interest keep me reading Global Press Journal.”

Kiruththiga Tharumarajah, Reader in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

global press matters in my country because

“The articles I have read from Global Press are the most objective and well documented that I’ve known to come from Bahía de Banderas. Understanding our problems makes us proactive. I truly believe that these stories are extremely important for us, the inhabitants of this region.”

Gabriela Loreto Gay, Reader in Nayarit, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“In the era of information or disinformation, being the recipient of this type of trustworthy news stands out among all the fake news and trending news that doesn’t necessarily have anything to contribute to the community.”

Fernando Gómez, Reader in Nayarit, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press stories speak to us through eloquent words and images. I have enjoyed articles by reporters from other latitudes because they all succeed in bringing us closer as readers, creating connections."

Elsa García Balbuena, Reader in Puebla, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

"We republish Global Press stories in Haiti for several reasons. First, Global Press offers a unique and deep perspective on frequently overlooked issues, contributing to a fuller understanding of local issues. Their commitment to quality journalism translates into reporting that uncovers authentic stories and provides our audience with insightful information. By sharing these stories, we help share perspectives of people who are often underrepresented, reinforcing our mission to provide rich, educational information to our audience."

Jocenel Deus, Secretary General of Le Firmin, Haiti

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press plays an important role in seriously studying crucial issues such as citizens’ rights to live in a healthy, safe environment, free from violations of their human rights and interests, and environmental deterioration. They make our stories heard at the global level.”

Batsuren Tsagaanduu, Reader in Umnugovi Province, Mongolia

global press matters in my country because

"It is important that media outlets like Global Press exist in a country like Mexico because there are few trustworthy information mediums. In addition, most news is biased toward the masculine perspective or very often media houses are corrupt spaces that serve the interests of the upper echelons of society that are far removed from the country’s social reality. The women journalists of Global Press report on realities closer to home and give us reliable information on everyday events."

Berenice Vera, Reader in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press Journal is very important in our country. Too many of Nepal's stories remain untold. Global Press Journal has been showing the stories of the lives of the people here in a way that empowers them.”

Apsara KC, Reader in Kathmandu, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press stories are important for us to republish because they speak to issues that the Zimbabwean media usually does not cover. And bridging that gap gives our audience access to balanced reportage that speaks to their daily lives.”

Mary Mundeya, She Corresponds Africa, Zimbabwe

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press has been publishing articles on topics that directly impact citizens, such as health, education, the environment, and human rights. We have been republishing articles from Global Press because these articles, prepared after an in-depth study of the problems faced by citizens, are very important in highlighting the issue and drawing attention to its resolution.”

Devendra Raj Paudel, Co-Editor, Dainik Gunj, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“[Global Press] is a truthful, pertinent and very accurate information source that gives me the opportunity to explore new horizons and delve more deeply into information about the world.”

Ángeles Ríos, Reader in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press Journal is extremely valuable in our country. It informs everyone abroad about what is going on in the country, what the possibilities are, and what the opportunities are. Global Press Journal is significant for Nepal because it helps to introduce the country to the rest of the world by providing information about its language, literature, art and culture.”

Richa Luintel, Reader in Nepalgunj, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press' in-depth reporting skills stand out to me. Their stories counsel us, the publishing houses, to improve our journalistic processes. The manner in which it has globalized the small issues of Nepal's rural areas is very important in Nepal.”

Jhalak Gaire, Senior Journalist and Editor (Daily Nepalgunj), Nepalgunj, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press Journal has published stories on Sri Lanka on many topics, such as economic issues, women's issues, migration, and human rights. It is special that these stories include voices from the village levels. The fact that these stories are published in  both Tamil and English makes them accessible to everyone.”

Kirubananthakumaran Sivapathasuntharalingam, Reader in Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

global press matters in my country because

“It is significant that Global Press provides opportunities for Mongolia to be recognized globally for many things that people don't often see, like manufacturing of unique products, distinct cultural heritage, wild nature, and the Gobi desert ecosystem. Global Press stories increase the economic well-being of the country.”

Khishigbayar Dorj, Reader in Bayankhongor Province, Mongolia

global press matters in my country because

"It was an honor for me and for our radio station to be able to share Global Press Journal's Press Freedom Project with the public. It was very well documented and fair. It's very rare to find international media covering the DRC in all its diversity. Global Press is the world's eyes on what's happening in Africa and the DRC in particular, and it's an excellent initiative to share such well-documented news with the local public.”

Jenny Ntwali, Editor-in-Chief, Mishappi Voice, Democratic Republic of Congo

global press matters in my country because

"Global Press matters in Zimbabwe because it provides a platform for unbiased and diverse perspectives, allowing us to share our stories, challenges, and successes with the rest of the world. It helps break stereotypes, fosters understanding, and sparks international collaboration for positive change."

Leeroy Gerald Moyo, Reader in Harare, Zimbabwe

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press provides in depth content on different topics giving you a better appreciation of the facts behind stories that are usually scratched on the surface. We use such facts in our advocacy to push for social change. Human names and faces are also attached to the stories so people are compelled to act when their hearts are touched by the plight of known real people, not just statistics.”

Obert Masaraure, Reader in Harare, Zimbabwe

global press matters in my country because

"Global Press stories give a deep understanding and analysis of the topics they cover. They are also inclusive stories that offer a wide range of voices across gender, culture and religion among others."

Namaganda Jael, Reader in Kampala, Uganda

global press matters in my country because

"Global Press stories captivate me, igniting the passion to pursue journalism myself. Their meticulously-researched narratives delve into significant issues often overlooked by other media organizations, providing a unique and compelling perspective."

Paulina Kalibuku, Reader in Lusaka, Zambia

global press matters in my country because

"When I first came across Global Press Journal, I found myself engrossed, unable to put down the compelling and thoroughly-researched stories. Exploring Global Press Journal opens up a new perspective, inviting readers to view the world through a different lens."

Sarah Zulu, Reader in Lusaka, Zambia

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press brings forth diverse and authentic voices, shedding light on stories that might not otherwise find space in the local media. The stories on Global Press have the power to inspire, drive positive change and contribute to an informed community.”

Sydney Mangweka, Reader in Mutare, Zimbabwe

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press tells our stories to the world and makes us realize that our struggles are worthy.”

Sonya Nali, Reader in Kampala, Uganda

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press gives us access to detailed, in-depth stories that make people see the world differently. When you read Global Press stories, it's like being transported to where the story is taking place.”

Pascal Nzole, Reader in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo

global press matters in my country because

“I consider Global Press to be the best media in the world for telling stories that show the reality of daily life in our community.”

Blaise Mussa, Reader in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo

global press matters in my country because

"[Global Press Journal] has been a spokesperson for the town of Tula for sometime. Their stories create certainty that change is possible."

Angélica Arellano, Reader in Hidalgo, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“[Global Press] is important for my country because it provides information through the eyes of our fellow women journalists, who are well situated in their surroundings, in their contexts. It is striking how they approach the subject matter and how they know the community from which they are reporting.”

Karla María Gutiérrez, Reader in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

"I think the fact that Global Press is managed and fostered by women contributes to both the construction of more inclusive and just narratives, and offers better representation of the voices of people who have historically been oppressed."

Ariel Paris, Reader in Buenos Aires, Argentina

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press is important because in Mexico the information in the country’s mass media is biased. The topics that are explained and shared on Global Press are very interesting and essential. They focus on people who usually never appear in the media, topics no one wants to talk about. It is the press we need."

Gwenaelle Marteddu, Reader in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“[Global Press] is important in this country because it shares quality, accurate, worldwide information with us. I also love having access to information from around the world with this caliber of writing, investigation and highly committed journalism.”

Yuritzin Osuna, Reader in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

global press matters in my country because

“Nepal is more than problems and sufferings. We have achievements in our own culture, identity, lifestyle, and social justice that we are eager to share on the world stage. I believe Global Press is playing and will continue to play an important role in presenting  our complete story to the world.”

Rajendra Kharel, Reader in Kathmandu, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“The in-depth news articles about community development and environmental issues are the main reasons I like Global Press Journal. I'm also taking a close look at the work of Nepali journalists who contribute to Global Press Journal. Their breadth and variety of subject matter are truly admirable. As someone who has done feature and investigative journalism, I understand the effort and hard work that the editorial team puts in to prepare these news articles. I'd also like to thank Global Press Journal for significantly contributing to the capacity-building of Nepali journalists.”

Kedar Sharma, Reader in Karfolk, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“[Global Press’] focus on diverse issues from women's rights to animal safely attracted my attention in the beginning. Now, it has become my favorite news site. Global Press has been covering very crucial but hidden issues of Nepali society and it's making them known to the global community."

Dr. Ramji Timilsina, Reader in Ithari, Nepal

global press matters in my country because

“Global Press Journal is crucial to the general reader because it publishes local news of international importance from various locations. It makes it easier to comprehend what is going on in the world. It provides detailed news on all topics. And it emphasizes journalistic ethics.”

Mani Dahal, Central Committee Member of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Nepal


At Global Press, we’re committed to prioritizing audiences we know we can’t monetize. We routinely seek feedback from the local communities we serve. Here’s why our readers and media partners said Global Press stories mattered in 2023:


Global Press operates in some of the world's most challenging places from news deserts to unfree media markets. In these contexts, tracking the impact of ethical, accurate journalism takes time.

We work hard to ensure that our stories saturate our local markets, which seeds the ground for impact. Using a new impact framework developed in 2023, our impact analyst is continuously monitoring how people locally, and around the world, are using our stories to effect change.

We’re placing our stories in partner outlets to maximize the opportunity for impact. Then, we're tracking how people everywhere put our powerful stories to use.

From rural radio in Democratic Republic of Congo to print newspapers in Puerto Rico, our powerful strategy is now paired with strategic impact measurement that allows us to follow stories and track their use through community outreach, surveys and more. Our framework tracks impact in three categories. Click on each to learn more about some stories we're currently tracking.

How are we tracking community impact?

From unions to classrooms, local communities are turning Global Press stories into action. By placing stories in publications that both increase general exposure and reach targeted audiences, we’re able to  track community uses and follow up with interviews and community surveys to gather evidence of impact over time.

Recent stories we’re tracking:

  • In Zimbabwe, Global Press senior reporter Gamuchirai Masiyiwa wrote a series of articles on the country's decaying educational system. Today, the teachers' union, ARTUZ, is currently using her stories to  advocate for an introduction of a new fund.
  • In Democratic Republic of Congo, Global Press senior reporter Merveille Kavira Luneghe wrote about musicians who were going to jail for song lyrics that criticized the government and advocated for peace. When Merveille discussed the issue on local radio, she inspired a group of local rappers who say they are heeding her advice and changing the way they write songs to steer clear of new, punitive restrictions.

How are we tracking policy impact?

From sparking investment in local infrastructure to spurring the passage of new laws, officials and policy makers are acting on the accurate information in Global Press stories regularly.

Recent stories we’re tracking:

  • In Puerto Rico, coverage of how a local electrification project was harming one of the world’s most unique bioluminescent bays led to government action to eliminate light pollution.
  • In Zimbabwe, coverage of bitcoin scammers led to a government investigation.
  • In Mexico, coverage of a spike in pedestrian and cyclist road deaths led to the approval of a road safety law.

How are we tracking institutional impact?

Global Press stories feature local sources who are representative of their communities. When major institutions cite or republish them, we’re diversifying how the world understands key issues. In 2023, major institutions leveraged our stories more than 50 times.

Recent stories we’re tracking:

  • The US government cited our story on Nepal's anti-child labor laws in its Trafficking Victims Protection Act.
  • The World Health Organization cited our series on the changing nature of reproductive health as one of its eight resources on sexual health.
  • The Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences cited our story on how the Zimbabwean health system was failing cancer patients.
  • A textbook published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2023, Media, Culture and Conflict in Africa, cited our coverage of corporal punishment in Uganda.
  • Fordham University cited our coverage of fair pay in DRC’s mines in its research paper “Conflict & Coltan.”
  • The United Nations Development Programme cited our coverage of intersex people’s rights in its legal and policy review of intersex rights.
  • The International Labour Organization cited our coverage of Nepali migrants' rights in a comprehensive mapping assessment of migrants across South Asia.

Global Press is proud to have a dedicated Impact Analyst who is tracking the relationship between audience development and tangible impact.

Former Global Press Journal reporter-turned-Impact Analyst Fortune Moyo built a new impact tracking framework in 2023 as a member of the prestigious JamLab Africa cohort of innovators. Her approach starts with audience development and then blends research and community outreach to gather evidence of how our target audiences are using our stories to change the world.


Fortune Moyo

“Impact is a natural result of working hard to ensure the right audiences have access to our stories.  Using a rigorous and transparently available framework, we share the data and evidence we use to track impact. Global Press is changing communities across the world by giving them accurate and well-researched information.”