Our Values

Global Press is guided by four core values:

Dignity. Diversity. Transparency. Excellence.


exceptional employment

Producing world-class journalism requires world-class employment.

Too often we lament the poor quality of journalism, without realizing that the majority of the world's journalism jobs are poor quality employment. At Global Press, we offer strong wages, a powerful suite of benefits, game-changing family leave and access to our industry-leading Duty of Care program.

Duty of Care

Employing local journalists requires a commitment to holistic security.

Local journalists require a robust and inclusive security methodology that prioritizes the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, digital and legal security. At Global Press, Duty of Care is central to our ethos and our operations.

What is the Global Press Wellness Network?
The global press style Guide

We're ensuring dignity and precision in international journalism.

The Global Press Style Guide is a living document that establishes rules for referring to the people and places around the world where Global Press Journal reporters work. Each entry is crafted with the specific intention of promoting dignity and precision in the practice of international journalism.

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Our hiring strategy ensures Global Press reporters reflect the diversity of their local communities.

There is an evidence-based correlation between who works in a newsroom and who is quoted in stories. Making an intentional effort to employ journalists who reflect the diversity of their communities is a key ingredient in fostering global narrative change.

Unique sourcing model

Diverse reporters tell inclusive stories.

At Global Press, we're proving why representative newsrooms are so powerful. Our diverse team of reporters has access to equally diverse sources. They always prioritize local sources who can provide context, nuanced analysis and the details of their lived experience.

non-assignment policy

Reporters have the autonomy to tell the stories that matter most.

The vast majority of international journalism centers on just four topics — war, poverty, disaster and disease. At Global Press, we employ a diverse team of reporters who tell inclusive and comprehensive stories about education, the environment, migration and the arts. Reporters determine the stories they want to pursue.


gift acceptance policy

Global Press' business practices keep our journalism independent and exceptional.

Our gift acceptance policy requires total transparency about every dollar that comes into Global Press. We don't accept anonymous gifts or government funds.

What is the Global Press Gift Acceptance Policy?
Global Press Accuracy network

A team of accuracy professionals is assigned to every story.

From fact checkers and copy editors to translators and illustrators, we employ a robust team of professionals to ensure that every story is accurate and that we are accountable to our audience. The full team is listed on every story.

a multilingual news publication

Most international journalism is about people it isn't for.

Our commitment to serve both readers in our coverage communities and a global audience requires multilingual news gathering processes. English isn't a requirement for our journalists and we publish every story in the reporter's local language and English. We believe that sources have a right to recognize themselves in stories.


Duty of Care

We've built the industry's leading Duty of Care program for local reporters.

At Global Press, Duty of Care is central to our ethos and operations. In 2020, Global Press won the Chester M. Pierce Human Rights Prize for our Duty of Care program. And in 2021, we've been short listed for the SOS International Duty of Care awards, which honor outstanding commitment in protecting the health, safety, security and wellbeing of global workforces.

Video FAQ: What is the Global Press Wellness Network?
Bold leadership

Our women-led leadership team is as good as it gets.

Founded by decorated social entrepreneur Cristi Hegranes, Global Press boasts an extraordinary leadership team. COO Laxmi Parthasarathy is an award-winning speaker and author. Editor-in-chief Jessica Meyers led the Global Press Journal team to earn the Media Hero of the Year award in 2020 for its consequential coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Creative Director Katie Myrick brings consistent avant garde design to each Global Press division, winning an unprecedented seven design awards in 2021.

world-changing journalism

Our journalists produce world-class journalism everyday.

Our team of reporters are increasing access to information for millions of people everyday. In 2020 and 2021 our team has been honored at the Webby Awards, Clarion Awards, One World Media Awards, the Stevie Awards and more.

How does the editorial process work at Global Press Journal?
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