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Spanish-to-English Translator

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We’re hiring a Spanish-to-English Translator!

Global Press is recruiting a freelance Spanish-to-English translator to join the Global Press Accuracy Network (GPAN). Global Press Journal reporters work in the least-covered parts of the world and speak dozens of languages. We currently publish in six languages and syndicate our news to dozens of countries. We’re recruiting an expert translator to serve our English-language needs. We consider native language and fluency language to be different, and recruit positions accordingly.

All candidates for this role must be fluent in Spanish, and have native English proficiency and 1+ years of professional translation experience, preferably in journalism.

GPAN members are paid per piece and are typically given 24-48 hour deadlines. GPAN members specify the amount of work they are looking for and work closely with Global Press’ managing editor, lead editors and reporters. Global Press hires translators to translate into their native language. For this role, the translator will only be asked to translate from Spanish to English. All GPAN work can be done remotely.

Global Press is a diverse and thriving international media organization that seeks out team members who:

  • Are willing to challenge the 24-hour news cycle and stereotypical definitions of international news value

  • Believe in the power of local women journalists to write and report undiscovered, high-quality human stories to change our world

  • Are equally committed to journalistic tradition and journalistic innovation

  • Thrive in a collaborative environment where team members can be honest with one another and always aim to be better than they were yesterday

  • Strive for 100% accuracy in every assignment

  • Employ discipline, generosity and humor in their daily work

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