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We believe that great journalism starts with great journalism jobs. Global Press is an innovative and ethical media company that has been growing at a steady and sustainable pace for the last 15 years. We seek out diverse team members who are equally committed to journalistic tradition and innovation.

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Why join us?

We’re growing.

From editors and fact checkers to journalism educators and fundraising professionals, our global team is growing.

Professional development.

All team members receive funds to bolster skills and chart new career trajectories.

Strong wages.

Global Press pays competitive salaries no matter where in the world you are based.

Bold benefits.

Powerful parental leave. Unlimited PTO. 100% coverage of health, vision, dental. Matching 401k. And more.

Duty of Care.

Our holistic approach to Duty of Care is central to our ethos and our operations.

Values-driven employment.

Our daily work is guided by a strong commitment to our four core values: dignity, diversity, transparency and excellence.


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Meet our team

Global Press team members are reporters, editors, educators and international development professionals. Together, we are driving extraordinary change in the field of journalism.

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