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Serving readers
across 190 countries.

Global Press has pioneered a local/global distribution strategy to ensure our world-changing journalism reaches the people who need it most.

2022 Global Press Audience Data

Our Direct Engagement


The total number of users who visited Global Press Journal in 2022.

Our Social Media Reach


The number of people who saw any content from our social media pages or about our pages. This metric is estimated and provided by each platform.

Social Media Engagement


A number of likes, shares, link clicks and other engagements on social media posts on Global Press-owned pages. (Does not include social media engagements from partners.)

Our Partners' Reach


The total number of all partners' average monthly page views. (Does not account for broadcast partnerships.)

Our Estimated Engagements via Partnerships


Using a .1% estimate, the number of readers who engage with Global Press stories on partner sites.

Data via GA-4, Sprout Social and partner publications.

Global Press partners with news outlets and educational organizations around the world to ensure that our priority audiences have access to our one-of-a-kind news coverage.


Global Press prioritizes serving audiences in our coverage communities. Through direct reach and local partnerships, we increase access to accurate information for audiences in global news deserts, unfree societies and more.

We publish in six languages to ensure stories are accessible and that we are accountable to our local audiences. At Global Press, we believe sources have the right to recognize themselves in stories.

To reach Readers in our coverage countries, we partner with:

local media outlets

Print, radio and online outlets that are not state-owned

Non-media partners

Schools, NGOs with access to target populations


Local leaders, policy makers, social media advocates with reach into target populations and powerful local networks

Global Audience

Global Audience

Global Press informs international audiences about the least-covered parts of the world. Our journalism contributes to global narrative change and increases access to accurate information on parts of the world that are often misrepresented by disproportionate coverage of war, poverty, disaster and disease.

Today, Global Press stories are read in more than 190 countries every month.

To maximize global reach, we partner with:

news publications

Print and online publications based in the United States and Europe

Non-media partners

Schools, corporations and NGOs with access to target populations


Social media advocates with reach into key diaspora populations


Diverse global newsletters with niche topical or regional reach


Distribution case study

Coverage Country Partner

Noroeste is a top-rated, locally owned newspaper that specializes in coverage in Mexico’s Sinaloa state.

Noroeste features Spanish-language Global Press stories from across Mexico. The partnership expands the reach of Global Press stories and serves an important audience in a state that often receives uneven and sensational coverage of violence and drug cartels.


Distribution case study


StudySync, a leading digital education platform, versions Global Press news stories for third, seventh and tenth grade students.

Global Press stories are used by more than 2,500,000 students and teachers in classrooms across the U.S. Featured in SyncBlasts, Global Press stories expose students to diverse journalists, helping them build critical thinking skills and catalyzing discussions about the world.


Distribution case study


Global Press’ newsletter distribution strategy allows our news stories to reach niche and target audiences.

From A-List publications to specialty publications, Global Press partners with a variety of organizations to inform their unique audiences about our stories. This strategy increases brand awareness while providing important access to information for target audiences.

Meet our audience

Global Press serves local people in our coverage communities, diaspora populations and curious international readers.

Ghulam Nabi waits for tourists on Dal Lake in Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir. Photo by Raihana Maqbool, Global Press Indian-administered Kashmir

Local Readers

“It’s incredible to read a story and feel that for once my community was captured as it really is.”

Raj Ahmed, Global Press Journal reader, Indian-administered Kashmir

Global Press Journal Senior Reporter Merveille Kavira Lungehe at her home in Kirumba, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Readers in Diaspora Communities

“Her stories remind me that we've come so far and have so much left to do. She reminds me of home.”

Avaline, a Global Press Journal reader from Democratic Republic of Congo now living in the United States. She is from a rural area near where our Senior Reporter Merveille Kavira Lungehe lives and reports. Merveille is the only international journalist in the region. Her powerful coverage of human rights, innovation and refugee issues has made her the most-syndicated and most award-winning reporter in Global Press history.

Magno Morales paints a mural in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Photo by Marissa Revilla, Global Press Mexico

Readers with global ties

“Global Press Journal’s stories from Chiapas have transformed my way of thinking.”

Emelda, a Global Press Journal reader in El Paso, Texas grew up in the United States, but her family is from Mexico City. “I always had a very negative view on the southern part of Mexico,” she says. “I've been following the coverage of Chiapas for more than a decade. And now I understand the context of the region. I’m a school teacher now, and Global Press Journal stories help ensure that the next generation doesn't develop the stereotypes I did.”

Schneider Jacinthe teaches students in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photo by Anne Myriam Bolivar, Global Press Haiti

international readers

"It was a sigh of relief to know that we were not alone in our struggle and that there were models for solutions elsewhere in the world."

Jeanette, a Global Press Journal Reader living in Rwanda, after reading a story from Haiti about limited access to public education. “I am a school administrator and we're facing the same problem,” she says.

Spotlight: Most-republished stories

Click the arrows to see some of the most republished stories on Global Press Journal. Interested in learning more about republication? Contact us.


Amid Economic Ruin, Women Turn – or Return – to Sex Work

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women. Out of jobs and out of options, some have resorted to the streets.

By Aline Suárez del Real


Pandemic Jump Starts Online Retail Sales

Coronavirus concerns have helped Zimbabweans overcome a historical reluctance to embrace online shopping. The shift could reshape the country's retail landscape.

By Evidence Chenjerai


A COVID-19 ‘Cure’ — or a Waste of Taxpayer Money?

Uganda’s government-run trial uses a traditional herb to treat patients. It's part of a larger effort to shed a "dependency" on Western medicine.

By Nakisanze Segawa


Hard to Breathe: Gold Mining Damages Miners, Forests

Mining has ravaged the soil that locals had used to farm. So instead, they join the hunt for gold. And the consequences continue to mount — especially for women.

By Noella Nyirabihogo


Indigenous Residents Could Be Forced From Land

A commercial irrigation project may displace the Shangaan people from their homes, disrupting their way of life and severing important cultural connections. It’s only the latest threat to this indigenous group.

By Linda Mujuru

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