Global Press Strategic Plan

2023 - 2025

Today, Global Press journalism is strong, our organization is thriving and the world wants more. We know these next three years will be the most consequential in our history, so we designed a plan to catapult our work to new levels of relevance and impact.

The Global Press Strategic Plan (2023-2025) centers five core objectives that, when realized, will transform our organization, our audience and our world. 

See for yourself. 

Objective One

Our Audience

A man packages onions in Jaffna. (Vijayatharsiny Thinesh/GlobalPress Sri Lanka)

Build cross-functional audience teams to ensure our ability to serve both hard-to-reach audiences in coverage countries and growing international audiences via direct, social, and partnership channels.


— Local readers, including those from hard-to-reach, underserved, and historically underrepresented audiences, access information that helps them lead freer, fuller lives. 
— International readers seek out Global Press journalism, which breaks down their misinformed perspectives and helps them see the world differently. 
— Global Press stories catalyze change and are used to educate, build movements, and reform policy. 

Key Activities

— Build audience teams that strategize and implement tactics to reach and engage readers inside coverage countries and in global audiences.
— Partner with impactful, high-value local and global news media that reproduce, republish, or feature Global Press journalism.
— Revitalize all social media channels and associated strategies to maximize global reach.

Objective Two

Our Journalism

Zimbabwe Foundation makes reusable sanitary products. (Fortune Moyo/Global Press Zimbabwe)

Leverage our reporters’ unique access to sources, stories, cross-border themes and globally relevant topics to enable Global Press Journal to become an increasingly agile, digitally immersive publication.


— Global Press’ exceptional, audience-specific journalism changes lives. 
— Three news verticals provide in-depth coverage on pressing global topics.
— Strengthened editorial capacity increases organizational efficiency and contributes to global impact. 

Key Activities

— Restructure the editorial department by hiring regional editors who will lead reporter cohorts.
— Hire managing editors for editorial, digital, photo, and standards. 
— Create three new verticals that produce revelatory, interconnected coverage of key global topics like labor and climate solutions. 
— Invest in photojournalism capacity to elevate our visual storytelling. 

Objective Three

Our Global Footprint

A gardener prunes her plants before the wet season in Port-au-Prince. (Anne Myriam Bolivar/Global Press Haiti)

Build bureaus in at least nine new countries that have the greatest need for improvement in access to information and global narrative disruption, while ensuring the health and representative staffing of existing bureaus.


— New global bureaus contribute to the health of the media market in the country, provide opportunities for access to information and narrative disruption, and create high-impact employment for women.  
— New reporters are systematically recruited to ensure accurate representation in existing bureaus.

Key Activities

— Continue honing strategy to open bureaus in locations that serve audience, editorial, and representation goals and to refresh existing bureaus.
— Build teams to support research, recruitment logistics, and expansion efforts.
— Launch bureaus in three new countries, staffed with new reporters, each year.
— Invest in our multilingual online training platform that prepares reporters to be world-class journalists.

Objective Four

Our Systems

A contortionist performs in a park in Erdenet, Orkhon province. (Khorloo Khukhnokhoi/Global Press Mongolia)

Build capacity across Global Press systems to ensure organizational stability and support growth.


— Global Press is a stable, strong organization that supports its global team members with structures and systems that enable them to be organized, effective, efficient, and safe.

Key Activities

— Add expertise in human resources, IT infrastructure, and organizational process and policies. 
— Hire a risk analyst to monitor operational risks and press freedom changes in select expansion countries.
— Hire an expert in communications to consistently create high-value brand awareness opportunities for Global Press journalism.

Objective Five

Our Revenue

A motocross rider catches air as he practices for a show in Lusaka. (Prudence Phiri/Global Press Zambia)

Build multiple revenue streams that will bolster growth and enable Global Press to become a stable, sustainable organization that can weather external change. 


— Global Press has four diverse streams of revenue that enable it to stay stable amid evolving external circumstances. 
— Global Press is a financially healthy organization with strong resources that help fuel its growth and global impact.

Key Activities

— Hire experts in individual giving, major gifts, and events who bring in revenue and elevate brand awareness.
— Work closely with staff at Global Press News Services, a separate legal entity, to generate earned revenue.
— Add expertise in finance to ensure strong, effective financial management.

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